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I am a Theoretical Physicist, working as a Scientific/Technical translator since 1997. Main fields of translation are:
  • Patent applications on computer hardware/software, electronics, automotive, and other fields of technology.
  • Text books as well as popular science books in the fields of physics, mathematics, and astronomy.
  • General technical texts including manuals, standards, and relevant websites

I translate from the English into my native language German. To learn more on my business, you are welcome on my page on Scientific/Technical translations.

I keep an overview on my work on Theoretical Physics at Friedrich-Schiller-University Jena from 1978-1997 on a page on Theoretical Physics. This involves material on non-Abelian gauge field theories, cosmology, and Josephson junction arrays.

Flight SimulationIf I manage to allocate some Spare time beyond work, I use it for Flight Simulation or watching films in the theatre or at home. For further reading on some things I enjoy, you are invited to my Beyond Work page. 

There are some Feature films I've been in love with for ages so I could not resist devoting a little film page to them.

You can contact me via eMail to: . The Impressum contains further possibilities for contact as well as legal matters. There is a separate data privacy statement (Datenschutzerklärung). This website does not use any cookies. Last but not least: Here ist the Website of my older son which is photo-oriented.

(Book Cover Tipler, Physik, with kind permission from Springer Spektrum)

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